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ABB Zenon SCADA is a special SCADA package offered by ABB Electrics for your Energy Automation projects. ABB Zenon SCADA will help you maximize the efficiency of your business thanks to its features specific to the energy industry. With the following features, Zenon SCADA offers superior benefits compared to other SCADAs:

  • Single and redundant (hot redundant) operation
  • Unlimited client computer connectivity

  • IEC 61850 Server/Client

  • IEC 60870-101 / 104

  • IEC 60870-103

  • IEC 61400-25

  • IEC 62056-21

  • DNP3.0

  • Modbus RTU/TCP

  • Automatic busbar coloring function

  • Failure detection

  • Energy Consumption Reporting

  • Support for more than 400 communication protocols


  • Enables online monitoring, recording, reporting and alarm management by communicating with virtually all the equipment known in the world.
  • Offers ultimate convenience of communicating with on-site equipment such as Relays, RTUs, PLCs, Analyzers, Meters, etc., using software.
  • Has the ability to perform automatic busbar coloring and topological interlocking by auto-detecting the definitions such as breaker, disconnector. etc. with energy resources such as ITMs, substations, generators, solar panels, wind power plants, etc.

  Is successfully used in hundreds of projects in Turkey, particular in the projects run by TEIAS.

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