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Bodrum Airport Scada and Load Shedding System

About the Project

The energy monitoring system established in 2012 was supplemented by 28 ABB MV relays based in 6 locations and 6 ABB 520 series RTUs installed for hardware signals from the site. The load shedding system was built with ABB PLC.

System Architecture

ABB RTU 520 ve ABB AC500 PM573 500 I/O

Scada data point : 3000

  • Communication with ABB Relays by IEC 61850 Communication protocol.
  • Communication with RTUs by IEC 104 protocol..
  • Reading, recording and reporting energy values on relays.
  • Busbar coloring on a single line diagram.
  • Dynamic Scada page showing the status of communication between devices in the system.
  • Infrastructure of fiber ring communication between locations and Scada.


Milas – Bodrum Airport (DHMI)



JAN 14, 2017




ABB RTU 520 ve ABB AC500 PM573 500 I/O

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