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ABB Drive ACQ580

ACQ580 Water and Waste Water Drives

Always flowing, never still

ABB’s water and wastewater drives are specialized to secure your water flow.The advanced water specific functionalities of ACQ580 keep flow steady and protect your equipment even in the most demanding environments.No unplanned breaks, no surprises, no matter the circumstances. Since the body protection is IP55, it is not affected by any water and waste water.

The all-compatible ACQ580 drives for water and wastewater simplify your pumping processes and motor control while ensuring effortless energy efficiency. They have a robust and compact structure and fast pump application functionalities such as sensorless flow calculation, multipump control, level control, soft pipe fill and dry run protection. The built-in energy calculator visualizes the energy savings achieved with the usage of the drive. The drive controls virtually any kind of motor including an IE4 synchronous reluctance motor. Connectivity is supported by a wide range of fieldbus protocols that are used commonly.

• 0.75 to 500 kW, 380 to 480 V AC
• Protection classes IP00, IP20, IP21, IP42, IP54, IP55, PY14
• Supports IE4 synchronous reluctance, asynchronous induction and permanent magnet motors
• Can be used in a wide range of water and wastewater control systems

You can watch the video we prepared which is about Water Level Control in Closed Loop Systems “of the driver and how fast and easy done.

You can get more information by following the official ABB’s web site link below.

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