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LANDIS+GYR Electricity Meters

Electricity Meters


Our new generation of modular residential meters are both customised in
functionality and future-proof to protect your investment. Additionally, they are
optimised for life-cycle performance in the residential sector.

Building on its tradition of open communication meters, including the ZCF/ZMF/ZFF100 meters, Landis+Gyr is now bringing out the new E350, the latest generation of its flexible modular meter. The new E350 is compatible
with the interfaces and communication modules of the existing ZCF/ZMF/ZFF100 platform. Landis+Gyr E350 meters offer a maximum for future market requirements, therefore, protecting your investment. It is the solution for your investment protection for the future, and a maximum of flexibility towards the future market requirements.

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Landis+Gyr E650 (ZMD300/400 and ZFD400) is the answer to your specific needs: from the reliable commercial meter to the complex measuring device with comprehensive additional functionality for advanced data acquisition and flexible tariff control of large industrial customers.
Modular communication units provide the right choice for the best data channel at all times. «Plug and Play» modules also offer you full freedom of choice for deployment of new communication technologies.

*Tariff functions Average demand
*Time-of-use (TOU) tables
*Programmable matrix-based mixed control
*Measured Values Power factor
*Instantaneous values for current, phase angle, frequency, power factor
*Recording 24 demand registers
*2 power factor register
*2 independent load profiles (billing and power quality monitoring) with integration period from 1‘ up to 60‘ minutes
*26-channel profile memory
*Special functions Monitoring for power, current, power factor
*Backlit and LED Alert programmable display
*CT/VT error correction
*THD measurements and calculation of losses (Transformer and Line)
*Detection of strong magnetic fields
*Opening detection of terminal cover
*Extension boards (only one possible)
*4 control inputs + 2 output contacts
*2 control inputs + 4 output contacts
*6 output contacts
*Additional power supply + 4 output contacts

Billing Data management:
* Large variety of registers to track and record the measured quantities you require
* High flexibility to link register values
* Network monitoring:
* Monitor instantaneous values against threshold and record deviations in a snapshot event log
* Monitor and record disturbances for analysis and preventive network maintenance
* Protect your assets, e.g. transformers, against overload with real-time alarm information hrough SMS
* Detect tampering attempts and trigger real-time alarms (SMS)

Adaptation and Installation support:
* Smart installation support tools to avoid errors, simplify installation and service processes
* A set of powerful software tools (MAP Suite) to customise meter to your application needs, e.g. time-of-use tables, billing lists, profile memory, remote parameter modification, etc.

Smart Grid applications:
* Additional auxiliary power supply to assure data reading during power down phases
* Power qualtiy monitoring functions with alarm and log features
* Real-time alarm system (SMS)
* Boolean I/O control functions to link and combine measured quantities

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